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The loading and unloading of cargo carriers with general cargo causes extremely high physical stress.

The lifting and carrying of unwieldy and heavy loads leads to health restrictions, and in particular to musculoskeletal diseases and back problems.

In the medium and long term, this stress can lead to an increase in sick absence.

Mobile telescopic belt conveyor

The SmartLoader is a mobile telescopic belt conveyor in a compact design.

This makes it an optimal solution for loading luggage, loose cargo and flexible shipments.

The SmartLoader is a telescopic belt and closes the gap between the feeding conveying equipment and the container. The base length is less than 800 mm, which means that the SmartLoader can also be used on platforms in confined spaces.

The SmartLoader achieves an extension length of approx. 1.9 m thanks to two extension stages.

Thanks to a lifting and lowering range of 20° and reversing operation, almost all loading and unloading situations can be covered, such as loading positions in ULDs and containers.

Depending on the respective connection, the system is positioned flexibly by hand.


  • Automatic stop with light sensor
  • Signal exchange with feeding conveyor
  • Adaptation to downstream conveyors
  • Adjustment of swivel range
  • Telescopic extension
  • Narrow telescopic extension
  • Force-controlled actuator

Technical data

Telescopic extension 760 mm retracted / 1,940 mm extended; motor driven
Swivelling +/-20° lifting and lowering; motor driven
Belt drive Reversing operation
Belt Width 500 mm, PVC, longitudinally grooved
Main dimensions 970 mm (W) × 800 mm (H) × 736 mm (D)
Power consumption 400 V/50 Hz; 1.4 kW; 2.4 A

Application video