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In cases where no gates with loading ramps are available, e.g. due to structural circumstances or high workload, trucks and swap bodies must be loaded and unloaded from ground level./h.

The GroundLoader bridges the offset from ground level to the height of the truck or swap body.


The GroundLoader consists of a movable frame on which a belt conveyor and a powered expandable roller conveyor are mounted on a cantilever. The belt conveyor can be hydraulically adjusted to the height of the truck or swap body. The powered expandable roller conveyor is extended to the appropriate loading or unloading position.


Expandable roller conveyor also available as gravity conveyor

Adjustable conveying speed

Mechanical stop

Reversable conveying direction

Sensor technology, e.g. for automatic stop

Coupling to existing conveyor equipment

Hydraulic motor-driven

Technical data

Belt width

 600 mm

Conveying height

 800 mm - 2.000 mm

Conveying speed

 0,5 m/s

Load capacity

 50 kg/m


 Hydraulic adjustability of height