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Rotary sorter

Typical sorting and distribution techniques often do not meet the requirements of smaller and medium-sized conveying systems, where space is limited and sorting capacities are below 2,500 pieces/h.

Also, varying material flow directions are not taken into account, as is necessary, for example, in the import and export processes of parcel and express service providers.


Our patented rotary sorter enables the most difficult conveyed goods to be discharged from a conveyor track in the shortest possible way and transferred to other conveying lines.

Due to its multifunctionality as a sorter, merge and carousel, the system is able to sort goods on two or more conveying lines and to combine several lines into one or two in the merge function.

The sorter, merge or carousel functionality is determined by the choice of operating mode. The sorter consists of a turntable, designed as a globoid rotary table with servo drive on which a strip belt merge is mounted.

The strip belt merge is functionally divided into two groups of nine conveyor belts, which can be controlled independently of each other. This means, in particular, that the two groups can be operated simultaneously in opposite conveying directions.

The rotary sorter is supplemented by pre-conveyors, which are arranged according to the material flow. With the rotary sorter, we are able to sort large conveyed goods, documents, soft luggage and bags up to a length of 1,500 mm, trouble-free, with a performance of up to 2,500 units/h.


Pre-conveyors with different outlet/inlet angles and length

Technical data


 2,100 mm

Useful width

 800 mm

System length

 approx. 4,000 mm

Conveying height

 min. 700 mm


 max. 2.0 m/s

Power consumption

 3.5 kW

Max. load

80 kg/m dyn. | max. 250 kg/m stat.

Application video