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Cabin Luggage Check

If it only transpires when boarding that cabin luggage is too heavy and too large to take into the aircraft cabin, this causes high costs for the airlines and ground handlers.

The cabin luggage must then be loaded manually into the hold, which also entails a loss of time and can lead to the loss of the start slot.


Measuring and weighing

With the Cabin Luggage Check, cabin luggage can be measured and weighed in advance during the boarding process. Access to the airlines' databases is used to determine individually how heavy and how large the cabin luggage may be.

Once the passenger has identified himself with his boarding card and placed his cabin luggage on the feed belt, its weight is recorded by means of an integrated scale.

The cabin luggage is then driven through a measuring system for size determination and parked intermediately on the exit belt. The Cabin Luggage Check system can be combined with an access system that does not open until the maximum baggage sizes are met.


Access system

Technical data

Total dimensions

L = 1,950 mm, H = 1,130 mm, W = 712 mm

Passage size

H = 450 mm, W = 400 mm

Conveying speed

0.3 m/s


Weighing range 150 kg